How to convert feeds?

Charles Vlug
2018-11-05 21:01

Short anwer:

1.) Supply your feed(s) on

2.) Choose conversion



Long answer:

Step 1. Import feed

You can supply us your feed on in 3 different ways. You need to choose 1 of those 3. Your feed needs to be in .csv of .xml format. 

Here are the 3 options:

Option 1 - Upload an XML or CSV file from your local computer

Choose this option if your feed resides on your pc.

Option 2 - Convert a feed from an Internet URL

Choose this option if your feed resides on a web server ( and can be viewed in a web browser without the need for a username or password ).

Option 3 - Paste the XML or CSV data you would like to convert directly into the text area below

You can us this option, if you can copy and paste your feed.

 Click the green Submit button, next to the option you choosed.

Step 2. Choose conversion

Right from "Convert to:" choose your desired conversion.

 Click the View or Download button, to get your converted feed.


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